Communication is the best profit

Grow with signage monetization

Our mission

Our goal is to help small and medium-sized enterprises and even large companies to create their own signage network for personal promotion or advertising monetization.

Basic Features

All Medias

Display Images, Videos, Web Pages, YouTube videos and create your Medias Playlist.

Touch Integration

Give your elements an action to perform when touched.

Screen Division

We do not limit the number of screen subdivisions.

Unlimited Layers

We do not limit the number of layers on the screen.

All Resolutions

We make any type of resolutions available to the user, from FullHD to 4k and beyond.

Unlimited Schedules

We do not limit the number of content schedules.

Total Remote Controls

Manage your entire signage network completely remotely.

Unlimited Users

We do not limit the number of users, assign them the permissions you want.

API Program

Create Channels, Triggers and Actions that can interact with your templates and displays from Local Area Network or from the Web thus having the opportunity to create infinite solutions by developing your own services.


In addition to all the other services, we also provide a system of management and resale of licenses and displays for anyone who wants to become our partner and start collaborating with us in the Signage world.

ADV Program

Provide advertising space on your displays so that the adv partners can publish content on an increasingly large signage network and you can benefit from monetization. based on displays location and reproduced contents.

Work from everywhere

Create your Contents


We develope and continue to improve our editor to provide a simple yet powerful tool for editing your content.

Swipe Templates


Let’s give a brief preview of what the API Program can be by providing real-time services for some basic actions. How to change a template, show the information page of the display or restart the software.



Manage your users and their permissions, your displays and your license, check resales and approve orders.

Manage Realtime Channels


Manage realtime channels or simulate a trigger in one of them.

Reach all the displays instantly by activating their associated events.

Manage your signage network easily

We’re helping small medium and enterprise company to develop their own SIGNAGE NETWORK

ADV Signage for your Brand

Choose the most suitable plan for your Brand…




Communication is the best profit

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